Sunday, August 27, 2017

Gone to Lake Lupin

I spent some years in California and spent a lot of spare time hiking the hills around Monterey.  Every spring the Lupin (some say Lupine) wildflowers would bloom.  And they were always amazing.

Deep purple/blue flowers would cover the fields and valleys.  Viewed from a distance it looked like an intense blue lake.  So I called my favorite field - Lake Lupin.  I spent many afternoons hiking in and just sitting in the Lupins, listening to complete silence and feeling bliss.  I've never felt more peaceful anywhere in the world.


It's been many years since I've been to Lake Lupin but I can picture it in my mind as clear as if it were yesterday.  This picture and the association of Lake Lupin with peacefulness has caused me to make the image - my 'happy place'.  So whenever I need to think of something pleasant or peaceful to distract myself from stress or pain, or if I just want to meditate, I go to Lake Lupin in my mind and sit in the flowers.  It's amazing how well this works for me.  I use it to calm myself when getting my blood pressure taken.  I use it during unpleasant dental appointments.  I use it when I start to meditate and need to un-focus on what's in front of me.  I use it when I'm frightened or angry.  I start by picturing an old wooden screen door and hanging a hand-painted sign on that door that says "Gone to Lake Lupin".  And there I am - in the flowers again.   It always makes me smile.

Just realized that this of course, is what my tombstone should say, "This artist has gone to Lake Lupin."  Perfect, right?


Mama Jax from New Orleans, LA.
Jax Frey is an artist who creates bold, colorful, super-textured paintings of all things New Orleans. Look for Jax's line of New Orleans mini paintings, her favorite painting series of New Orleans women called the Gumbeaux Sistahs (I love those chicks!) and other favorite Jax products on her website - I hope you enjoy your visit here and your comments make my day!

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