Thursday, July 20, 2017

Who is that Person next to you?

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While ordering my vanilla latte at my local coffee shop I started talking to my favorite barista - Brad. He knows my drink, yells hello to me when I walk in and makes my latte to perfection.  He's used to seeing me shamble in most mornings in yoga pants or something equally enticing haha.  But this morning I was gussied up and he noticed.

Brad -  "You look terrific, Miss Jax, why are you all dressed up?"
Me - "I just came came from doing a TV interview at WWL.  Had to get there early."
Brad - "What was the interview for?"
Me - "Well believe it or not, I set a World's Record last week"  I always feel weird saying this - like I'm talking about somebody else.
I went on to explain about the World's Record for Painting and he looked completely surprised.
Brad - "What?!  You  know we see people everyday and we have no idea of who we are talking to."
Me - "That's  right.  For instance I don't know anything about you except that you make a great latte. Now you tell me something about you."
Brad, smiling shyly,  " Well OK - I'm actually a Drag Queen.
Me - "What?  Really?"
Brad- "Yep.  I'm putting together a new act right now.  I studied piano in college and I'm putting together a piano act wherein I play and act."  He pulled out his phone and showed me his pictures.
Me -   "That's pretty amazing!  And now that you've said it  -  I can see it  - you've got a really great face, pretty eyes  and adorable dimples. Now where can I come see you?"
Brad - "I'm all over right now but when I get the act together, I'll let you know when you come in for another latte."

I was thrilled because I loved his story.  My barista has this completely wonderful other life outside of  just serving me my morning addiction.

Note to self  - you don't know who's standing next to you in this city - or what their story is.  Ask and be astounded more often.
Mama Jax
Mama Jax

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  1. Great post, sometimes the world is smaller than we think. I think it's great to know who is that person next you. We would all be surprised.

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