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Crazy Interviews - Part 1

As an artist I've done a lot of interviews over the years and a few of them have been pretty unusual.  But this last one in July 2017 probably took some sort of cake.  The interview was in the form of a podcast for the Happy Hour show on Grant Morris is the host and it took place at the Wayfare restaurant on Freret St.  The format is that 3-4 complete strangers with little in common are invited to sit at a table with Morris for an hour, partake in cocktails and talk about topics generated by Morris and the guests.  With a naughty twinkle in his blue eyes, Morris revels in in outrageous comments and uncomfortable questions all while wearing an engaging smile, hair down past his shoulders and sporting a New Zealand accent.  He has an interesting background as a TV and screenplay writer, radio DJ and web-broadcast interviewer.  

The total strangers or guests in this instance included a local criminal attorney, Dave Capasso, two twenty-something-year old members (Carly and Adam) of local band Roar and myself.  We got to hear two cuts from Roar's CD and they sounded fantastic - fresh & engaging.  They will be playing at One Eyed Jacks in August and you should definitely go hear them.

When is a blow job not anal sex or pot smoking?
Morris started off his teasing questions right away.  And yes they were entertaining but also the kind that could make you squirm.  The questions coming my way started out easily enough and concerned my artwork and my new world record.  But they quickly degenerated.  I had heard of his penchant for calling people on the phone during the interview that were mentioned in conversation by the guests in order to give the guest a hard time.  When he found out I was single he pressured  me about old boyfriends' names I made sure to give him a fake name and thank God I did.  Morris immediately had his assistant start to search for the old boyfriend to get him on the phone!  Wouldn't that have been fun?  Well no.  I never did tell him that is was a phony name - till now I guess.  Other topics Morris tried to cover with me were how much money I made and whether or not I was a real artist.  I laughed, deflected and sometimes even answered!  

Morris was relatively kind to the young Roar members, teasing and joking with them about their music and their relationship.  I felt like they got off easy and actually was relieved for them.

It was the attorney, David Capasso, who took the worst ribbing.  But you could tell it wasn't his first time around this block - he handled it beautifully.  At one point, because Capasso represented criminal cases the question came up about what sexual conduct was legal and what was not in Louisiana.  Morris decided that Capasso was  an expert on BJ's and anal sex and told the podcast world just that.  In fact he named our whole podcast - BJ and the 20K Picasso of New Orleans.  Capasso thought that was pretty funny.  I had a great time watching him banter with Morris.  They were hilarious.

There were moments that I forgot we were doing a podcast and deluded myself into thinking I was at an intimate party.  All in all I enjoyed it despite the blushing, stammering and question dodging.  It's good for this artist to get out of the studio and talk to some crazy people once in a while.

Here's the link to the podcast - have fun listening -
Mama Jax
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