Tuesday, July 18, 2017

First Saturday!

I woke up so excited Saturday morning.  And then I did something I have been dreaming of doing for years.  I walked out of my apartment early, early -  got on my bike and rode up the street and entered beautiful City Park.  For years I've wanted to live near this park and I've recently taken a small extra apartment near it.  You will come to realize if you stay with me that I tend to move a lot!  The idea of being able to leave the house on a bike and be that close to the park was something I thought of so often.  And it was surprising - the park on Saturday mornings is busy!  It's full of people running, walking, biking, skating - you name it.  It feels healthy, lush and full of life.  I've always loved this park!  I rode on my old bike with its half-flat tires (guess I have to fix that!) and felt like I was flying - like I was ten.  Like pure life.  So happy! 

One of my art clients had me paint a mini of District Donuts and Sliders on Magazine St.  She made it sound like a wonderful place so that was my next stop and the one I chose for breakfast.  Yeah health food!  I don't actually like donuts very much but I was curious about this place, so off we go.
Well good luck parking!  It is a popular place!  I drive by and could see a long line at the counter inside.  So I illegally parked, walked up and got in line.

There was a glass case full of donuts - biggest damned donuts I've ever seen.  And interesting flavors - Horchata, Cookies and Cream, Miso Praline - odd donuts!!!  You could also order sliders and they smelled awfully good but I couldn't see eating sliders at 9 in the morning.  So I ordered a Horchata donut and coffee.  The coffee was good and strong and lovely.  The donut weighed five pounds (OK exaggerating just a little) but it tasted great!!!  Filled with cream center.  Started not to eat the whole thing but decided 'the hell with it' and did.  Fun place - lots of folks, inside and outside seating, music - feels like the urban young enjoying themselves.  Definitely go try it.

Since I was down that far on Magazine St, I decided to stop in at the Saturday morning Farmer's Market at the 700 block of Magazine.  Cute little market!  Fresh fruits and veggies, more coffee (yes coffee!), cheese, baked goods, pesto.  Everyone walking around feeling good and buying fresh healthy food.  Felt good to be there after eating a five pound donut!  Kid Chef Eliano was there giving a cooking demonstration - talented little fourteen year old chef.  Good for her!  I love entrepreneurs and when they start young, it's just fascinating.  I wish her luck! I sat and sipped my coffee, watched the Chef and listened to the music of Saturday morning.  Aaaaaahhhh!

A friend of mine told me that I should go to a little Italian market on Esplanade called Terranova's. Supermarket.   He said that he used to go there as a kid and remembered that they had the best Italian sausage in the world.  I knew I would have to paint that night so I thought some Italian sausage and a salad would make a good dinner.  I found this little market and there were Italian women behind the counter.  That made me happy right off the bat.  I made my way back to the meat counter and asked the man for his Italian sausage.  He told me that he was out, but to come back the next day.  He said, "Don't come back too early - not before 11-  I'm gonna party tonight."  Cracked me up.

Mama Jax
Mama Jax

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